Evaluation of Ecological City Examples in the World and Turkey


  • Oğuz ŞAHİN Adana Cukurova Municipality, Adana, Türkiye


Ecological City, Sustainability, Local Government, World Ecological Cities, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Ecological Cities of Turkey.


As a result of the researches carried out in the century we live in, the close relationship between nature and economic developments has been revealed. It is obvious that human’s careless behavior towards the ecosystem causes great losses that cannot be compensated. This negative situation experienced throughout the world has brought about great changes in the administrative and social dimensions of the cities and the necessity of a new urban management period has emerged. In this context, air pollution, excessive consumption of
fresh water resources, unconsciously used fossil fuels and their derivatives, which make life difficult for the human race and all living organisms, In line with this importance, first of all, general evaluations and researches in the management system in the field of Ecological City Examples in the World and Turkey will be examined and it will be tried to reach certain determinations in the theoretical context. Based on the general evaluations and the results of the literature research, this study aims to examine the Ecological City examples and to determine how the Ecological City Culture has been put into practice and how it has effects in administrative and social dimensions on how to make cities better livable without separating people and nature from each other. For this purpose; In the study, the data of the research will be collected by examining the literature review, the Ecological City examples that have been put into practice in the world
and in Turkey. In the context of the case studies and literature reviews to be made, it will be aimed to reveal the thoughts of the sample about Ecological Cities in administrative and social dimensions. If necessary, it will be designed in a section that will allow interpretation within certain points that the sample wants to specify. The collected data will be categorized and presented in administrative and social
contexts. The results of the study will be presented by evaluating the opinions of the sample on Ecological City examples from around
the world and Turkey, together with the results of the studies conducted in the literature.