About the Journal

"City Health Journal" aims to bring together the parties dealing in the fields of city and health on a joint platform. The Journal shall be an academical journal including the scientific studies, researches and analyses conducted for developing the health and wellbeing of the people living in cities. This international journal shall provide contribution to strengthening the governance among the parties included in the making and implementation of policies in regards to the topic of city health and health environment. It shall be a journal as a reference source for the decision support mechanisms on the topics of formation of health cities.

City Health Journal is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that aims to serve as an effective tool for the researchers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and public institutions working on the fields of health and urbanisation to share their scientific assessments, research findings and analyses.

Scientific studies that enable points intersecting between the two different disciplines of city and health to be analysed on a joint platform. Study and research conclusions on topics such as city health emergencies, local preparedness against health emergencies, city health development plan, social participation, health impact evaluation, poverty, social determinants of health, social services, sustainable development, transportation, environment and health, city management and city planning shall be taken into assessment to be used in the journal.

There is no scientific periodical publication that handles the topics that intersect from the fields of city and health in an inter-disciplinary approach in Turkey. Scientific projections of future point out to the need for strengthening the cooperation platforms on the fields of city, environment and health. Furthermore, the number of publications, which bring together these two different disciplines and are published at international scale, is not at adequate levels.

The City Environment Health Convention organised by our company provides a fine infrastructure for a periodical publication of such nature. In addition, the City Health journal that had been issued at different periods since the year 2009 has enabled generation of adequate experience in this field.

City Health Journal is the continuation of City Health journal that began its publication life in the year 2009. City Health journal publication began back in the year 2009, publishing a total of 18 issues since. By utilising the experience gathered throughout such publishing, it was decided for the Journal's status to be changed, and for it to be published afterwards with the status of an International Peer Reviewed Journal three times per year.