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It shall be a journal as a reference source for the decision support mechanisms on the topics of formation of health cities.</p> <p>City Health Journal is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that aims to serve as an effective tool for the researchers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and public institutions working on the fields of health and urbanisation to share their scientific assessments, research findings and analyses.</p> <p>Scientific studies that enable points intersecting between the two different disciplines of city and health to be analysed on a joint platform. Study and research conclusions on topics such as city health emergencies, local preparedness against health emergencies, city health development plan, social participation, health impact evaluation, poverty, social determinants of health, social services, sustainable development, transportation, environment and health, city management and city planning shall be taken into assessment to be used in the journal.</p> <p>Each paper submitted to City Health Journal is initially assessed by editor. Afterwards, the peer review process commences for the selected papers. Double-blind review hiding names of authors is utilised during the reviewing process for <em>the papers submitted to City Health Journal</em>. Papers may be submitted electronically by using the below link on the website of the journal. There is no application or publishing fee for submitting your paper. Authors have to present their ORCID numbers during application.</p> Alban Tanıtım en-US City Health Journal Effect of Pesticides on Environmental Health <p>Pesticides are chemicals used to kill and control harmful organisms. While pesticides, which are the most frequently used method in agricultural struggle, have many advantages, they also have many disadvantages in terms of environmental health. Intensive agriculture is a necessity in response to the increasing world population. Pesticides are also an efficient, economical and fast method for this agriculture. However, the negative effects of pesticides on environmental health have become more evident with the results of research conducted in recent years. Pesticide overuse also harms non-target organisms and poses a long-term threat to the ecosystem. In this study, the effects of pesticides used in plant protection on the environment were examined in terms of air, water and soil components within the framework of the literature. Literature review, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the research. The main purpose of this research is<br />to evaluate the negative effects of the unconscious use of pesticides on the environment. The harms of uncontrolled pesticide use applied<br />in the world and in Turkey on the environment are discussed together with the results of previous studies. As a result of the research, recommendations for pesticide use are listed. Gathering organizations providing services on plant and environmental health under one<br />roof, developing pesticide licensing systems and bringing them to Western standards, restricting pesticide use in areas close to water sources, providing training and certification to those who will apply pesticides, conducting necessary inspections, making necessary analyzes on pesticide residues, It can be listed as bringing biological intervention to the agenda as an alternative to struggle. The results of the research are expected to contribute to the literature.</p> Tarık Özdemir E. Didem Evci Kiraz Copyright (c) 2022 City Health Journal 2022-07-18 2022-07-18 3 2 18 23 Determination of Health Threatening Behaviors and Associated Factors in High School Students <p>Adolescents are in the most important risk group for smoking, alcohol and drug use and addiction. At the age of 4-17, the risk of trying this and similar harmful substance increases; In adulthood, people face an increased risk of substance abuse, illness, and death.For this reason, preventive and preventive health practices for adolescence are extremely important.The aim of our study; To investigate the frequency of<br />smoking and alcohol use and related factors among students studying at high schools in Denizli province Çameli district.</p> Onur Orhan Nurhan Meydan Acımış Bilge Betül Kılıç Ceren Oğuz Copyright (c) 2022 City Health Journal 2022-07-18 2022-07-18 3 2 24 32